Information Kiosks andATMs

There aretwoInformation Kiosks located inthelandside area ofTerminal B.

Information Kiosks are free self-service electronic stands using which the airport passengers and guests can lookup the information on passenger check-in rules, baggage carriage, etc.

Bank Offices

Terminal B, 1st floor(in the right-hand part of the terminal)

  • Sberbank


Terminal B, 1st floor (in the left-hand part of the terminal)

  • Sberbank
  • VTB24
  • Alfa-Bank
  • Ural Bank forReconstruction andDevelopment
  • Bank ofMoscow
Terminal A, 1st floor (in the right-hand part of the terminal, closer to angelo hotel)
  • Sberbank
Terminals A and B, 1st floor (central part of the terminal, next to an elevator)
  • Sberbank

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